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Leak detection and repair

Leaks in pipe networks represent an important problem costing many millions of dollars annually. The difficulty in leak location is compounded by their hidden nature. The benefit of leak detection and rehabilitations largely determined by the efficacy of leak detection and location techniques. The primary method of detecting and locating leaks at this time is an acoustic method, in which acoustic signal emissions of pipes are monitored in order to detect the sound made by leaks.

Gorman Park Plumbing and Heating experience in developing, producing and marketing gas analyzers, gas mixers, gas flow control, leak detectors and permeability testers. An intense research and development programmed has, for example, resulted in a system that tests complete packages for oxygen permeability.

The company‚Äôs comprehensive range of high-tech products provides food manufacturers with everything they need to produce high-quality packaged food products. Where they are used for testing randomly selected samples. Others are for on-line or off-line testing in the production area itself.